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The Rise of Open Relationships and Polyamory - Dom sub

The Rise of Open Relationships and Polyamory

Open, non-traditional, relationships are on the rise. How do I know? The BBC told me so in this article: "The rising curiosity behind open relationships." My first reaction–Yay! We're beginning to normalize a less-than-stereotypical approach to the man-woman-monogamous trope. The article did a good job of baselining consensual non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamory, and a few of the nuances that blur the lines between all. And then came the photograph. "A photo is worth a thousand words" as they say. And what image do they choose to represent their article? This one.

Even if an increasing number of people are engaging in open relationships, the subject may remain taboo, say some experts (Credit: Getty Images)(Photo reposted from where credit is given to Getty Images) 

Three women, all tattooed, pierced, representing an alt community, and reinforcing the exact notion that we at Domsub are working so hard to normalize. We encourage the expression and acceptance of love in all communities, no matter what those choices are, no matter how you choose to express your individuality. It's almost as if BBC is saying "of COURSE these women don't express their sexuality in traditional normal ways - they're tattooed!" Just. Stop. But let's move on.

I do, however, like that we're having the conversation about love and sexuality and how people are opening their minds to loving in whatever way makes sense to them. The more we talk about it, especially in mainstream media, the more people will feel encouraged and comfortable expressing their own ideas around life and love. 

I think the pandemic caused people to pause and reflect on their own lives, what matters to them, and how they choose to spend their time. We've certainly seen the shift in the professional marketplace with employees working remotely in a full-time or hybrid way. We've seen it with the exodus of people choosing to leave cities for a less-populated, simpler, life. And I think we're seeing it in how people choose to live their romantic lives and express themselves sexually. We've only got one shot at this life thing, so we might as well live it in a way that makes us happy. In no way are we promoting non-monogamy. We're just encouraging folks to withhold judgement toward those do. 

Live, and love, authentically. We are Dom sub.

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