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Death to Stereotypes: The Meaning of Our Skull and Crossbones - Dom sub

Death to Stereotypes: The Meaning of Our Skull and Crossbones

The skull and crossbones have been a broadly used graphical representation for centuries. They have told a different history from various time periods and countries being a symbol for: death, piracy, danger/hazard/poison, sacrifice, one willing to put their life at stake for a greater purpose, motivation to accomplish work and duty before death arrives, a reminder to people of the fragility of their lives, of rebellion and independence, and most recently of breaking out of the mold and becoming independent. It's everywhere, and as a brand that prides itself on pulling the hidden from the shadow it may seem hypocritical to use this on some of our products. So then, why have we?

For Dom sub, the skull and crossbones symbolize the death of preexisting stereotypes, the reconsideration of learned family and religious values, the discarding of others' expectations for being one's authentic self, and death to pretension and false identity. Why the tear? The passing of our past can be a sad or mournful experience causing us to weep, but it can also be an elation of personal journey and self expression. Just as easily as it can bring sorrow, it can just as easily bring tears of joy.

Our Death to Stereotype product line is more than just a skull and crossbones. It's both a wake and a celebration. It's an expression of self, whether we choose to publicly share that journey or not. Wear it proudly, wear it boldly. Wear it as you. 

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