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What is Dom sub™?

Dom sub™ is a sex-positive brand that encourages the expression and acceptance of love and self in all communities: kink, queer and everything in between.

Be courageous. Be proud. Be unabashedly unashamedly unapologetically you.

On Duality

Dark and light. Hard and soft. Loud and quiet. Yin and yang. Our world constantly seeks balance. One side would forever be askew without the other. Sometimes we are strong and loud. Other times we are quiet and self-reflective. Sometimes we are both. It's all good as long as you feel damn good being you. Celebrate that. Dom sub™. 

On Acceptance

We believe a person is beautiful regardless of size, shape, color, gender, race, sexual orientation or any combination you can come up with. We say it's not only ok to be to you, whoever "you" is, but to be fucking proud of it. Dom sub™.

On Truth

We believe you are beautiful as you are, which is why when you see Dom sub™ images, you see the truth. We won't make brown eyes blue, boobs bigger, waists smaller, or anyone magically grow abs. There is beauty in truth, and truth in beauty. Enough said. Dom sub™.

On Dom sub™

Wearing the Dom sub™ brand takes courage. You’re announcing to the world that you’re a free thinker, an individual, sexual, empowered, and you’ve been on a journey to get where you are. You have shown courage, within or without, and are stronger for it. When you see someone else wearing this brand you know they’ve been courageous too. Our hope is that when you see someone else with the Dom sub™ logo you feel they are also a safe space, that you say hello, and ask them to share with you their story

Be you. Be Dom sub™.

With love,

Daddy and baby girl

Daddy and baby girl

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