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Our Boobs Are Not Approved. - Dom sub

Our Boobs Are Not Approved.

We never thought the road to building this brand would be an easy one. In fact, that's one of the reasons we started this company. It's hard living in the shadows. It's hard feeling like you won't be accepted for who you are or what you believe in. It's tiring. It feels claustrophobic. It feels unfair. All those feelings we have about our sexual preferences, our identities, our bodies, our kinks, those feelings that make us who we are but aren't part of the "normal" – it can be really hard when you feel like you're being ostracized for being you. We hate that feeling, we don't want you to feel that way, and so we started this company to not just normalize, but to be proud of who we are whatever those choices may be. And no, it isn't always easy.

Starting any company is hard. Every brand out there is trying to compete for one thing: attention. No matter the motive of the company, the attention of their market is what will make it successful. So, if you're reading this, THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION. We love you. Now, getting the attention of other people, to help them in their lives and to help them feel good about their own journeys, that has been a challenge. 

Social media is the platform to share a story and connect with your people. We have a love/hate relationship with social media. It's amazing to be in a place where we can engage with all of you, but it's also difficult in that we are censored, a lot. There are certain things you can't say and can't show because they are deemed by some algorithm as sexually suggestive in nature or inappropriate. Here's a good example. We tried running an ad campaign recently using one of our favorite images:

baby girl in a crop tee

This is our favorite crop tee, branded well, super comfy stretchy fabric, has a hint of sex appeal, etc. We just love it. Well, it's not an "approved" image. We went back and forth with a retargeting advertising company, Adroll, for six weeks trying to figure out a way to make it work and get our ads approved on Instagram and Facebook. They said the presence of underboob was too sexually suggestive. Really? We were baffled on so many levels. Primarily, it's a woman's breast. Big deal. Second, it's only a part of a breast - no more than would be shown in a bathing suit or a tank top out for happy hour on a Friday night. Third, there are more sexually suggestive and revealing images in Sunday newspaper circulars. We could go on. Anyway, we consented and removed the image from our website and ads and resubmitted. We were denied again. This time, because of this image:

Crop tee

So, we removed this image as well. This process repeated itself over and over, as I said, for six weeks. And then we realized we were being censored, suppressed, our voices and our sexuality were being repressed, our brand was being compromised and we were losing who we were. We started this brand in large part so we could be ourselves and not be ashamed of it. How could we ask all of you to not hide who you are if we were going to hide to get some ads approved? We couldn't. So, we kindly told them to fuck off. 

It sucks not feeling empowered to be yourself. It sucks not being able to love the way you want to love because society tells us we're wrong. It sucks not being able to be the brand we want to be and use the methodologies that so many other companies are privy to because of who we are. But we are who we are, and we won't be ashamed of it. We won't change who we are to fit in. We won't appease. We are authentic, we are real, and we want you to be exactly the same.

We are Dom sub. 

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