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The Potency of Choice - Female Empowerment - Dom sub

The Potency of Choice - Female Empowerment

While we were in Philly a handsome young man bought one of our Dominant tees, turned it into a crop, and wore it later that week cross-dressing in a drag show. While we were in Baltimore an attractive man, abs and all, bought a crop hoodie and later posted on Instagram a killer story about being a Dom. While we were in New York a super sweet young woman came up to us and shared the feeling that she was submissive but didn't know how to tell her partner. And then she did, and she thanked us for listening and giving her the confidence to be herself. An owner of a tattoo shop in Virginia loved our Pride Skull Tee so much she asked if she could sell some in her shop – her clientele would love it. Brats post about being bratty. Doms post about being Dommy (go ahead Webster's, add that one to the dictionary). The cross section of customers we have met, and friends we have made, has been incredible. But one message so far has stood out above all else on what the Dom sub brand has meant to people - The power of choice.

Anyone who knows anything about dominance and submission knows that submission is a gift — it is not taken. The Dom sub brand flips the stereotype of male dominance and female submission and inverts the perception into a beautiful, contemporary reality:

Women are empowered.

Women are sexual.

Women are intelligent.

Women are confident.

Women are straight, gay, bi and fluid.

Women are submissive.

Women are Dominant.

Women are switches.

Women are women and have in every way gloriously earned their seat at the table in the bedroom and the world as equals, if not more.

If you look back through our "As seen on you" Instagram reels that all of you have posted, you can't help but stand a little taller, feel a little more proud, and with a curl of the upper lip say to yourself, "fuck yeah".

In a world where it has felt like there was no choice in who you are, in a society of oppression and of shame, of who your partner could be, of what you can wear, of dictating how you can love, of how you can fuck, and without a place where you could be open about it, we hope you have found not just a safe space in Dom sub, but a platform to be you. So go ahead, stand a little taller, curl your upper lip, and say it a little louder. Fuck yeah.

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