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Dom sub is Not an Apparel Company - Dom sub

Dom sub is Not an Apparel Company

We experienced quite a bit of change in the past six months. We experienced change in our relationship. We experienced change in where we live and where we call home. We experienced change in our dynamic. None of it was planned, but all of it was healthy. It led to growth and life truly is good. We are so thankful for all of it!

Baby girl was at a dinner party recently among some close kink-minded friends and someone stated how she just doesn’t feel comfortable being able to reveal all of who she is with those she is closest with. She has a fear of judgement, of repercussion, of rejection. She was so thankful and supportive of the Dom sub concept because our purpose and intent is to de-stigmatize sexuality and kink. To give people like her a safe space to be open about herself, and to create an environment where anyone can feel good about being themselves. That mission resonated with her, and that resonance is what continues to give us purpose. 

People give us product suggestions all the time—sweatpants, shorts, design ideas, sLogan’s on shirts, etc. We love the suggestions and we do consider all of them, but being reminded that the stigma and fear is still so prevalent we’ve decided to take the opposite approach. Rather than expanding, we are dipping our proverbial nut sack in the chilly depths of the deep end of the pool and shrinking our product line to keep our focus on our core message.

Dom sub isn’t an apparel company. The intent was never about hitting sales numbers or growing revenue. It was, and is, purpose driven. Rather than be distracted with sourcing new materials, new designs, new producers - we want to stay focused on the mission and the original purpose of What is Dom sub? So, we have created a Closeout category on our website and discounted all of the items by 25%. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We won’t be producing more. When we do release new products in the future it’ll be with intent, care, and purpose. It will help support our mission of encouraging the expression and acceptance of love and kink in all communities. As always, thank you for your support, for being you, and for being a part of the Dom sub family. 

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