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Our First Public Tease - Dom sub

Our First Public Tease

Portsouth, NH

We've never launched a company before. We didn't do any market research. We just followed our hearts and minds and did what felt right, what felt true to us. We believe in the duality of life. Strength and weakness. Courage and fear. Light and dark. Dominance and submission. We are Dom sub, but that doesn't mean it would resonate with anyone else. So, we put on our gear and hit the road. First stop? Portsmouth, NH. 

We heard the beers were good up north, so we found ourselves a lovely harbor-side joint and ordered a few. Before too long, people started to cast some sideways glances and smirks our way when they noticed the Dom sub logo on our hats and hoodies. Whether it was an overwhelming eagerness to know more, or the booze, soon enough people were asking us about it. This stylish young couple in particular had an interest. So much so that Stephanie, smiling behind her shades, came up to us and asked where she could get a hat. Baby girl, being the socialite that she is, started chatting her up. Stephanie was all about it, was proud of her self-attributed status as a sub, and after we were done chatting we were overjoyed to hear the conversation continue among her friends about what is a Dom, what is a sub, and what it all means to each. 

Night one of wearing our new apparel, sipping brews oceanside, making new friends - if this is the life that Dom sub affords us, it is a good life indeed. 

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